JW Aluminum

JW Aluminum

JW Aluminum was founded in Mt. Holly, South Carolina in 1979 as Jim Walter Metals—a single-facility operation with about 10 employees and its mission is to produce and develop the highest quality aluminum products for their customers—always meeting their exact needs and specifications.

With four state-of-the-art aluminum mills throughout the country, they produce a wide range of top-quality products, including:

  • building and distributor sheet
  • fin stock
  • semi-rigid container
  • cable wrap
  • lithographic sheet (grade I and grade III)
  • auto foil and auto sheet for automotive heat shields
  • honeycomb foil
  • flexible packaging products and much more


JW Aluminum
P.O. Box 29419-05
Charleston, SC 29419-9005
United States
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843.572.1100, 800.568.1100

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