Vista Metals Corp.

Vista Metals Corp.

Vista Metals Corp, located in Fontana, California, is the largest independent producer of "Specialty Aluminum Products" in the world. Vista Metals' production processes include the recycling of industrial scrap aluminum as well as the utilization of various grades of primary aluminum, which collectively produce high quality, competitively priced aluminum alloy products. Since the company's inception in 1968, Vista Metals has continuously grown, becoming a trusted supplier and reliable resource serving the domestic and international aluminum industry.


  • Cast and Scalped Forging Ingot
  • Hard and Soft Alloy Extrusion Billet
  • Duramold-2 and Duramold-5 Domestic
  • Duramold-2 and Duramold-5 International
  • ATP-5 Domestic
  • ATP-5 International
  • Rolling Slab Ingot


Vista Metals Corp.
13425 Whittram Ave
Fontana, CA 92335
United States
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(909) 823-4278
(909) 510-4536

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