Extraction of raw materials

Rockwell Industries Industrial

Rockwell Industries Industrial Since 1984 Rockwell Industries International has been involved with the distribution and conversion of raw materials. They proudly serve the aerospace, military, marine and commercial industrial sectors. Rockwell distributes products in all forms... bars, plates, sheets, tubes, forgings, and special shapes. Rockwell can also provide many secondary

Miller and Company LLC

Miller and Company LLC Established in 1919 as a distributor of pig iron and metallurgical coke in the Midwestern U.S., Miller has grown into one of the most diversified suppliers of raw materials to the ferrous foundry and steel industry in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Miller and Company LLC offers you one of the broadest and most diversified lines of alloying materials

Midwest Tungsten Service

Midwest Tungsten Service MTS has been providing the highest quality refractory metal (W, Mo, Ta) products since 1958, Raw materials offered for sale include tungsten and its heavy metal alloys, molybdenum, and tantalum. Forms include rod, wire, sheet, plate, bar, nuts, and threaded rod. Products Tungsten Alloy Evaporation Filaments Evaporation Boats Wire and Rod Sheet,

Metal Exchange Corporation

Metal Exchange Corporation Since its founding in 1974 as a private company, Metal Exchange Corporation has evolved into one of the most diverse suppliers, processors, and purchasers of non ferrous metals in the world. Products Scrap Primary Raw Materials Secondary Raw Materials with inhouse production and resale available Semi Fabricated Aluminum Risk Management (aluminum

Lawrence & Frederick Inc.

Lawrence & Frederick Inc. Lawrence & Frederick is a value added distributer of anodized and raw aluminum sheet and coil products. They are America's foremost supplier of anodized aluminum substrates and inventory a huge variety of anodized product with custom colors available. Products Raw & anodized aluminum foil (.002 - .006) Raw & anodized aluminum sheet (.

Freedom Metals, Inc.

Freedom Metals, Inc. Freedom Metals Inc. has been proudly serving Charlotte and surrounding areas since 1982, providing quality metal products and superior service. Freedom Metals, Inc. can offer you the raw materials needed for you to complete your next project, as well as a wide range of related services from machining to complete custom fabrication. Services: At

Dynamation Research

Dynamation Research Dynamation Research carries a vast and extensive inventory of chemicals and raw materials specific to the aircraft industry. As a supplier for commercial airlines, military and governmental agencies, and private aviation for nearly 30 years, Dynamation Research prides itself on its commitment to quick response time, competitive pricing, and

David Hirschberg Steel Co.

David Hirschberg Steel Co. The David Hirschberg Company was established in 1913, when steel and scrap metals were transported by horse-drawn buggy. Founded by brothers David & Lester Hirschberg, the 97 year old company has remained a family business. The company originally operated as a retailer and recycler of iron, scrap, paper products, and rubber. To accommodate the

Conmeta, Inc.

Conmeta, Inc. For nearly a decade, Conmeta Inc. has been consistently commisioned to supply the petro-chemical, steam turbine, electro-mechanical, and aircraft/aerospace industries with titanium alloys, high-temperature metals, and commercial alloys. Their extensive line of products include ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, such as high-temperature,

Christy Metals, Inc.

Christy Metals, Inc. Christy Metals, Inc. is an Illinois-based private corporation supplying industry with the finest metal products and services since 1965. Christy Metals offers a full line of non-ferrous metals in strip, sheet, coil and bar. Multi-stage quality control practices ensure approved raw materials, accuracy and integrity throughout processing, and

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc.

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc. Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc. is a world-wide processer and distributor of stainless steel and special metals. Their products include: Precision rolled stainless steel and special metals Strip and Foil Precision rolled stainless steel and special metals Flat and Fine Wire Precision rolled stainless steel and special metals

SkySpring Nanomaterials, Inc.

SkySpring Nanomaterials, Inc. SkySpring Nanomaterials offers nanoparticles, nanopowders, micron powders, and CNTs (carbon nanotubes) in small quantity for researchers and in bulk order for industry groups. Their expertise in the properties, applications and various manufacturing of advance and engineered materials allows them to meet the needs of their customers.

Yarde Metals

Yarde Metals is specialized in aluminum, stainless, carbon steel, brass and copper in a wide range of standard, unique and hard to find sizes and offers a variety of modern processing services to ensure quick turnarounds and fast deliveries. Products Aluminum Sheet & Plate Aluminum Rod & Bar Aluminum Tube & Pipe Aluminum Structural