Aluminium-oxide nanopore sensor

The nanopore sensor which is made from aluminium-oxide could eventually prove capable of performing DNA analysis with a single molecule, offering vast possibilities for personalised medicine and advanced diagnostics, the scientists say.

According to Rashid Bashir, Professor of electrical and computer engineering and bio-engineering and the director of the university’s Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, "solid-state nanopore sensors have shown superior chemical, thermal and mechanical stability over their biological counterparts and can be fabricated using conventional semiconductor processes."

In particular. aluminium-oxide nanopore sensors display "superior mechanical properties, enhanced noise performance and increased lifetime over their silicon-oxide and silicon-nitride counterparts.", Bashid was quoted as saying by the News Bureau of Illinois University.

The fabrication and operation of the aluminium-oxide nanopore sensor is outlined in a paper accepted for publication in the scientific journal "Advanced Materials".