Applications involving aluminium

Can you imagine our world without aluminium?
There would be no commercial air transport, no energy-saving engines, no high-speed trains and no speedboats. Aluminium building components are corrosion resistant, aluminium in packaging protects food and other products against environmental influences and millions of people are supplied with electricity via power-transmission lines made from aluminium. Products and solutions typifying the wide range of possible applications of aluminium are included in the Applications section.

image Aluminium in transport and transportation

The transport sector is one of the most important users of aluminium. You can learn more about it here.

image Packaging

Here you will find interesting information on aluminium as a packaging material.

image Building and Architecture

One can no longer imagine the building industry without aluminium. Read more about this topic.

image Electrical engineering

Find out more about the benefits of using aluminium in the field of electrical engineering.

image Mechanical engineering

Aluminium has many properties that are of benefit in mechanical engineering. You will find information about them here.

image Leisure

Whether in the mountains or in the garden, aluminium is a part of many of our leisure activities. Find out more about where and how here.

image House abd home

From flowerpots to designer lamps – aluminium has established itself in the house and home. Find out more here.

image Aluminium and

Learn more about concrete use possibilities of aluminum with the new technology.