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Sorting of aluminium alloy

For decades, the consumption of aluminium has been on the increase, also in Europe and in spite of protracted phases of economic stagnation during the later stages of the 20th century. The fact that the production of primary aluminium fails to meet the growing demand for the light metal underscores the importance of recycling. Yet, although only 5

Significance of basic knowledge

Practical significance of having a basic knowledge of physical and chemical properties It is important in industry that users and processors of aluminium also have a basic knowledge of its physical and chemical properties. A basic understanding of the metal’s structure and its important properties is a prerequisite for using it in the best

Social aspects

The aluminium industry is an important economic factor worldwide with a large innovative potential and good growth prospects. However, it is also socially responsible in a various ways: it creates jobs all over the world, is involved in adopting modern solutions in the fields of labour utilisation, personnel development and safety standards to


Silicon is a non-metal. It belongs to Group IVA of the Periodic Table, the carbon group. It does not occur in the pure form in nature, only in compounds. After oxygen, silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth’s surface crust. Silicon is hard and because of a protective layer of silicon dioxide that forms on contact with air, it is

Surface-treated aluminium

Not only does a surface treatment involving anodising or the application of an organic coating provide a decorative appearance, it also provides important surface protection thanks to its insulating properties when the surface-treated part comes into contact with other materials. With façades made form copper, one should avoid direct contact with