Basic Facts

This is where you will find wide-ranging basic information concerning the history, production, properties and uses of aluminium in the past and the present, and gain an insight into the multifarious activities of the aluminium industry.

History of aluminium

Get informed about the history of the discovery of aluminium, the scientists involved and the early beginnings of the aluminium industry.

Raw materials and aluminium extraction

This section contains information about the various stages in the extraction of aluminium and the raw materials needed.

Basic chemical aspects

Are you interested in the atomic structure of aluminium and its chemical properties? This is where you will find the relevant information.

Physical properties

Find out more about the physical properties of aluminium and their significance for the practical use of the metal.

Aluminium alloys

This is where you will find information about the alloying process and the various types of aluminium alloy.

Material properties and how to modify them

This chapter informs you about the properties of materials which are especially important in practice and the way they can be influenced.


Aluminium is a recyclable metal. Find out more about the diverse collection and recycling processes.

Health and social aspects

In this chapter you will find articles which examine the importance of aluminium regarding social and health issues.

Ecology and the environment

Aluminium is sustainable material. Find out more about its ecological use and the efforts undertaken by the aluminium industry.

Aluminium and its markets
Aluminium represents an important economic factor and the industry is of great economic importance. Learn more about these aspects here.