Bending of strip and long products

T&T Materials, Inc

T&T Materials, Inc T&T Materials supplies metal to all government agencies as well as government prime contractors and private sector businesses. They provide a full line of metals to include carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, tool steel, nickel alloys, and specialty aerospace alloys. Our products come in bar, sheet, plate, coil, tubing, pipe, and

Cal Plastics and Metals

Cal Plastics and Metals Since 1998, Cal Plastics and Metals has been an industry leader in the distribution of all types of plastic and metal sheets, rods, & tubing, as well as maintaining facilities for all types of plastic products.. For many years now, Cal Plastics and Metals has succeeded in growing its business by providing its customers with quality products,

Sapa Group

The Sapa Group is a global concern with a total of 14,800 motivated employees and more than 35 subsidiaries throughout Europe and in the United States and China. Its headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2010 the Sapa Group had combined net sales of 32,995 MSEK. The Swedish krona (SEK) is the official currency of Sapa Holding AB and the balance