Vista Metals Corp.

Vista Metals Corp. Vista Metals Corp, located in Fontana, California, is the largest independent producer of "Specialty Aluminum Products" in the world. Vista Metals' production processes include the recycling of industrial scrap aluminum as well as the utilization of various grades of primary aluminum, which collectively produce high quality, competitively priced

Trans World Alloys

Trans World Alloys Trans World Alloys’ stocks and manages one the largest inventories of aerospace and commercial grade materials. At their west coast headquarters, a 75,000 square foot warehouse located in Gardena, California, they carry millions of pounds of titanium and aluminum. Complimenting their titanium and aluminum products, they offer aircraft grades of

Superior Aluminum Products

Superior Aluminum Products Hand forged aluminum hasn't always been the clear choice for manufactures. While the strength and durability of hand-forgings are highly desireable, the costs have traditionally been prohibitive. But after decades of development, Superior Aluminum Products has achieved the envious capability to produce hand-forged quality for less than the cost of

Special Metals Inc.

Special Metals Inc. Founded in 1985 by Mike Potts and Tom Venable, “Special Metals, Inc.” has held an impeccable tradition of customer satisfaction and customer service. Special Metals is committed to quality, responsive sales & service, dependable transport, and competitive pricing. Products Alloy Steel Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Tool Steel Nickel Alloys

SJ Metals, Inc.

SJ Metals, Inc. S. J. Metals, Inc. is a domestic and international supplier of specialty metals to a variety of metal working customers in Defense, Aviation, Aerospace, Petrochemical and Bio-Pharmaceutical industries. S. J. Metals Products include: Titanium HiTemps Exotics Monels Stainless Steel Magnesium Alloy Steels Copper Alloys Aluminum Alloys Bar Plate

Samco Sales, Inc.

Samco Sales, Inc. Samco Sales, Inc. has been engaged in various casting, forging and marine hardware since 1981. Samco has been shipping to customers all over the United States. They offer quality control, technical assistance and prompt delivery on all of their products. Their goal is always the best price along with excellent quality.

Rockwell Industries Industrial

Rockwell Industries Industrial Since 1984 Rockwell Industries International has been involved with the distribution and conversion of raw materials. They proudly serve the aerospace, military, marine and commercial industrial sectors. Rockwell distributes products in all forms... bars, plates, sheets, tubes, forgings, and special shapes. Rockwell can also provide many secondary

Northwest Aluminum Specialties, Inc.

Northwest Aluminum Specialties, Inc. Northwest Aluminum Specialties, Inc. (NWAS) is an employee owned company located in Oregon. They are engaged in the production of aluminum billet for hot extrusion, hot/cold impact extrusion, and hot/cold forging stock in most aluminum alloys.

Mueller Industries, Inc.

Mueller Industries, Inc. Mueller Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of copper tube and fittings; brass and copper alloy rod, bar and shapes; aluminum and brass forgings; aluminum and copper impact extrusions; plastic fittings, pipe and valves; refrigeration valves and fittings; and fabricated tubular products. Operations are located

MSK Enterprises

MSK Enterprises In 1990, Michael founded MSK, which has grown to include a knowledgeable and helpful sales and support staff. MSK supplies steel and aluminum for applications used in the Automotive, Forging and Extrusion industries among others. Products Aluminum Products Steel Products Other Metal Products

Metals Unlimited Inc.

Metals Unlimited Inc. Metals Unlimited Inc. is a metals service center established in 1984 by Mr. Joseph Lucia. Their product line consists of Aluminum and Stainless Steel in sheet, plate and round bar; Aircraft Alloys in sheet, plate and bar; Super Alloys in rectangles, hex and square bar; Titanium in sheet, plate and round bar; Tubing and Pipes; Forging and Tool and

Jorgensen Forge

Jorgensen Forge For more than half a century, Jorgensen Forge has built a business based on exceptional quality and service by forging products to exacting specifications -- and providing on demand delivery at competitive prices to diverse global markets. They are one of the few forging companies in the United States offering a totally integrated melt shop within

Inter Contal, Inc.

Inter Contal, Inc. Inter Contal, Inc. is an established metal service center specializing in aircraft quality materials used in aerospace, military and industrial applications. They supply all major OEMs and many sub-contractors worldwide, with adherence to stringent quality control standards and total traceability. Inter Contal, Inc. offer special services such as

The Falcon Metal Group

The Falcon Metal Group Established in 1959, Falcon Metals is a distributor of stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum, alloy steels, titanium, and tungsten alloys. Their inventories consist of sheet, coil, strip, foil, bar, wire, plate, pipe, tubing and structurals on most of the aforementioned grades. Falcon's Forge division can provide sizes that are larger than

Aubert & Duval

Aubert & Duval Aubert & Duval (A&D), a member of the Eramet Group, provides advanced metallurgical solutions in the form of parts or long products required for projects in the most demanding industries including aerospace, energy, industrial tool steels, motor racing, medical... Aubert & Duval core activity is developing, melting and hot processing (

AQ Alloys & Forge, Inc.

AQ Alloys & Forge, Inc. A.Q. Alloys & Forge Inc. was founded with the mission to continually improve the productivity of its customers by providing unmatched quality products, exceptional customer service and reliability. A.Q. Alloys & Forge, Inc is an AS9100 Certified company stocking aluminum, alloy steel, stainless steel and super alloys for the aerospace,