Health aspects

We all come into contact with aluminium in one of its various forms every day. Without doubt the best known is as a metal, which forms the basis for many of the consumer goods we use daily. However, we also come into contact with it in other ways. Aluminium is always present in nature combined chemically with other materials, i.e. in non-metallic form. Overall, it is the third most common element in the earth’s crust. It is part of almost all rocks and soils. As a result of soil erosion, aluminium compounds in the form of dust particles find their way into the atmosphere or are dissolved in water and thus taken up by plants and animals, and also reach human beings via the food chain. The uptake of such aluminium compounds has been taking place since the beginnings of the human race and poses absolutely no health risk.

Aluminium is also present as a natural trace element in the human body. In addition, non-metallic aluminium compounds can be beneficial to health by forming the basis for certain forms of medication. We also come into contact with them as food additives.