Northern Italy and its strong aluminium industry

Italy is the world’s largest user of aluminium after USA, Japan, People’s Republic of China and Germany. The aluminium market is concentrated almost exclusively in the north of the country and extends the 400 km from Venice to Turin as well as the northwest–southeast axis between Como and Rimini, a distance of some 500 km (see figure or this map).

Extrusion plants and foundries supply car industry

Big-name companies have located in this area: extruders CO.M.P.ES in Rodengo-saiano, Estral and Deral in Manerbio, Metra in Ragusa, Sepal in Gussago, Eural Gnutti in Rovato; the aluminium producer and fabricator Raffmetal in Casto and the foundry equipment supplier Fata Aluminium in Rivoli are just some of the hundreds of companies engaged in the aluminium industry in northern Italy.

In addition to the many extrusion plants, Italy is also a leader in metal casting. Together with Germany and France, Italy is one of the largest producers of foundry products, and these plants are also found mainly in the north of the country.

The concentration of these plants can be attributed to the high concentration of industries that use aluminium in the region: after all, carmakers are located here with Ducati in Modena, Alfa Romeo in Milan and Fiat in Turin. Italy’s largest shipbuilding company, Fincantieri - Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A., is also based in the region.

The most important aluminium trade fairs in Italy are also held in northern Italy, with Metef, Foundeq, Metalriciclo and Alumotive.

Good situation for an economically strong location

Northern Italy has a well-developed motorway network The A4 from Milan to Venice is not owned by the state but by the prosperous cities of Bergamo, Brescia and Verona. This is where the engine driving Italy’s economy hums, the standard of living is correspondingly high: it is not for nothing that with Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Venice and Verona the region boasts five airports within a radius of 150 kilometres and that with Iper Coop, Standard, Mercatone uno and Gulliver Italy’s largest shopping centres are to be found here. Milan has established itself as an important international fashion mecca and numerous hospitals and private clinics bear witness to the region’s high standard of living. And one should not forget, of course, the important cultural monuments that are to be found in northern Italy and contribute to its high living standard.

For more information on the aluminium industry in Italy, visit the Italian aluminium portal aluplanet, maintained by Edimet.