Specialists Articles

The Specialist articles section covers the information contained in the Basic facts section in more detail.

image Metallurgy

Detailed technical information on a wide range of topics relating to the metallurgy of aluminium can be found here.

image History

The articles in this section go into the history of aluminium and the aluminium industry in more detail.

image Manufacturing processes

Technical papers on the various techniques available at all stages of aluminium processing are to be found in this section.

image Product design

Here you can find out how to better understand aluminium as a material and how to use it correctly when designing products.

image Production, market and the environment

Here you will find specialised articles which deal with topics of production, market and the influence that aluminium has on the environment.

image Extraction and recycling

This section explains the technologies used for the extraction and recycling of aluminium, discusses any difficulties that arise and presents new solutions.